About Us

Lee Carder

Head Coach

My passion for fitness and coaching has taken me around the world. I served for eight years in the British Army, Corps of Royal Engineers as a Physical Training Instructor. I’ve deployed on operational tours of Iraq, Afghanistan and Belize. Upon leaving the army, I found the perfect outlet for my experience in group training training and one-to-one fitness coaching. I wanted to share this passion for fitness with those in my community and give back by helping people improve their day to day lives through fitness.

I have BSc degree in Sports Coaching, and enjoy learning and researching different strength and conditioning protocols. I have a huge passion for Judo (my main hobby), I continue to compete and train as much as I can and love how fitness has made a huge impact on the mat.

James Wilkinson


I have a keen interest in human movement and am devoted to my continued development in knowledge and skills as a coach. Applying this I love seeing people improving week after week and empowering them with the skill set to make better life choices to leave them happier and with more energy.

Fitness for me represents my future health. I began my introduction to fitness at the age of 16, unlike many that are attracted to CrossFit I was not a particularly keen sportsman or team player, the idea of clear set of progressions within weight training and fitness seemed more interesting to me, from then I was hooked.

Philip Wells


I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their fitness and reach their goals. I’m passionate about helping people improve their fitness through education, guidance and coaching. I believe this approach enables you to develop fitness for your lifestyle and goals.

I have used this approach myself and as a result reached my goals in sport, and have also managed to achieve endurance challenges such as The National 3 Peaks, Man vs Mountain, Coast to Coast and the Lakesman triathlon.

“Through methodical, functional training, you become strong, adaptable and ready for anything. It encourages you to focus and challenge yourself – and the rewards are well worth the work.”

Craig Hardingham

Sports Therapist

Craig’s twin passions are CrossFit and football. He has worked with Watford FC and, as assistant sports therapist and touchline therapist, played a pivotal role in helping Histon FC reach the play-off semi-finals of the Blue Square Premier League. Relocating to Sydney, Australia, he dabbled in competitive CrossFit before returning to the UK to set up Injury Active, Cambridgeshire’s leading sports injury clinic.

Craig’s particular interest is in kinetic control and the injuries that can be caused by uncontrolled movement. He specialises in not just identifying injury but understanding the causes – often dysfunction, weakness or incorrect biomechanics – so that future problems can be prevented. Craig’s expertise have attracted a number of elite athletes to his clinic and we’re very proud of his official affiliation with CrossFit Cambridgeshire.

A member of the Society of Sports Therapy with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy, Craig is currently studying towards his UK Strength and Conditioning Association accreditation.

Luna Escobar

Member management

I joined CrossFit Cambridgeshire first as a member, I enjoy my time here thoroughly and continue to participate in the classes to improve my passion for fitness. My main role is to look after the members general enquiries and assist the coaching team in managing the facility.

Any questions?

I've never touched a weight before, Are you sure I can do this?

You will start slowly, one-on-one with your coach. We will keep the weights low and the movements simple. As you get stronger, your coach will help you progress in weight and skills.

I’m going to be the least fit person in the gym. Will I feel awkward?

Your fitness level does not determine your success at CrossFit Cambridgeshire. Our most successful members started with no skills at all, and worked every day to get better. Over time, they have achieved things they never dreamed possible…seriously.

How will I cope with injuries that prevent me from doing certain movements?

We have lots of members training around rehabbing injuries. We will help prescribe the best workarounds for you.

I've heard CrossFit is dangerous, is that true?

No. Any fitness activity can be dangerous with poor coaching and careless programming of workouts, but we start you with the basics and teach you proper techniques.

I've enjoyed CrossFit before, can I jump into classes?

Every CrossFit gym is very different, with a wide variety of coaching styles and movement standards.

We require each new member to go through a minimum of 5 Personal coaching sessions, to allow us to get to know you and ensure we take into account your needs and goals.

As our coaching standards are high, we may recommend fundamentals if we feel it will improve your overall movement quality and prepare you better for the classes.

Where are you located?

We are located behind the Cambridge leisure park. We are tucked away so why not check out our location page for more information.

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10 Clifton Rd, Cambridge CB1 7EA, UK


We have free on-site parking. If you’re driving to the gym please collect a sticker from our reception to display on your windscreen.


We can help you revolutionise your fitness and change your body.