Are things weighing you down and stop you from progressing at the same rate as others.

Today I’d like to tell you a short story about a group of cub scouts. One weekend they decided to hike through the countryside to go camping. Along the route one of the scouts called Stanley started to tire and got left behind. As a result of this the group would stop, wait for them to catch up again then head on. However before long, the same thing would happen, this not only upset Stanley as he felt he was letting the group down but also the others as the hike was taking longer and they felt sorry for Stanley.

So they decided to take a moment and come up with a plan to see if they could help Stanley and all get to the campsite quicker.


As a result of this the group managed to come up with 3 ways that they could help Stanley and all have a more enjoyable time.

Get Stanley to set the pace – If Stanley is at the front and set the pace everyone would walk together and they’d all arrive together. However the downside to this is that their average speed is still going to be lower as they’re all going at Stanley’s pace.

Take a shorter route – If they take a shorter route down a main road they could get to the campsite quicker. This sounded like a good idea but the main road had lots of cars travelling fast on it and no pavement. This would make the hike very dangerous plus they wanted to be in the countryside and be close to nature. So doing this would also impact on why they wanted to do the trip in the first place.

Share the load – After looking at what everyone had in their packs the realised that Stanley was carrying the tent for the group and the stove. If the broke up the weight of these two items between the group Stanley would be able to hike faster as he wouldn’t have such a heavy load on his back.


After consideration, the group decided to share the load. They’d all walk a little slower as a result but their average speed would be better, more importantly, they keep to the things that are important to them.

  • They’d stay together
  • They’d stick to why they’re doing the hike in the first place.
  • Make sure they’d got to the campsite in good time.

The purpose of this story is to see if there are areas of your fitness and life that are being affected by heavy items. Take the time to look at what is important to you and how you’re doing them to see if you can do a better job rather than just settling for how they currently are.   

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