It’s easy to get started

All great things are built on a solid foundation. Your brand-new fitness journey starts with fifteen one-to-one training sessions with your personal, dedicated fitness coach. You’ll learn the basics of proper movement techniques and be introduced to the importance of nutrition and sleep. The Foundation program is great fun and you’ll get to know your coach.

Our workouts are based on three core practices: Variety, Functional Movement and High Intensity.


Our workouts are different every day. Our training combines the most effective movements from gymnastics, weightlifting and bodyweight training. Always fun and challenging.

Functional Movement

Functional movements are actions that replicate our daily lives. Since evolution we have been lifting things up, running, jumping and throwing. We teach you the safest techniques that allow you…to be more human.

High Intensity

Our workouts will change your body and improve your mental health. You will start at a level that’s right for you and as your fitness improves you will progress to levels beyond all your expectations, quickly and safely.

How does it work?

Your coach for life

The core of our program is based on the crucial relationship you have with your coach. Your personal, dedicated coach will be with you every step of the way to support you, motivate you and celebrate your achievements with you.

Together, you will be accountable for the amount of time and effort you invest in your training, which will gain you tremendous results, faster, and for the long term.

Our hybrid membership program

Our hybrid membership program is an integral part of our prescription for a great life and is a blend of personal coaching sessions and classes that are fun, competitive and challenging.

Our prescription for a great life.

We believe that fitness plays a large part in leading a healthy lifestyle. Coming to the gym regularly whilst eating a healthy diet provides the perfect platform to embracing life to the max.

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We can help you revolutionise your fitness and change your body.