Measurement is key in your health and fitness

Measurement is key in your health and fitness, this could be anything from testing a 1 rep max, body fat percentage, body weight, mental state etc the list goes on. All you need is a scale of measurement. This is important as without it you can’t see if you’re improving as a result of what you’re doing.

During 1-2-1 sessions we outline what it is a client wants to achieve and then during their time with us, we’ll point at which we measure and test. An example of this would be a 1 km row time. This is a test that one of our members Kosta decided to use to see his progressions. Kosta has been consistently coming to classes and PT session for a year and visually has changed a lot.

As a coach, I had a clear outline of what I wanted to achieve in our 1-2-1 session. One area of aspect was to focus on his rowing technique. We first addressed a common issue which was pulling on the handle and ending up with a bent arm. When rowing we want to utilise the power you produce from your legs to maximise this and not fatigue your arms a straight arm is far more effective. The second area that I wanted to address with Kosta was controlling his flexion at the Thoracic spine. This is an area he is constantly working on as being an academic he spends many hours hunched over at a laptop. So stop this we made sure that his chest was in front of his shoulders, this helped him lift the chest and maintain a later back position. As a result of this, he had a stronger midsection which enabled him to transfer the power from his legs to the rowing machine.

When it came to retesting his 1 km time we had his previous time to go off of so knew what sort of pace he should be hitting but ultimately the attention for the test was to maintain his form. During the first 250 m, we concentrated on making sure he had a steady pace and controlled his breathing with the stroke rate. Moving into the middle 500 m the stroke rate was picked up to match his rate of breathing. The with 300 m to go he started to struggle.At this point I reassured him, told him to control his breathing and focus on the technique and the power that he was producing. Before he knew it there were only 100 m to go and he was able to increase his speed again and finish strong with an 11-second improvement on his last 1 km time.

To hear what Kosta had to say about this session make sure you watch the video!

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