Should you become a vegetarian?

Over the last week or so I have made the move from meat being the main part of my breakfast, lunch and dinner to a mainly vegetarian-based diet. In this post, I’ll tell you why I have chosen to do this and what I’m learning from the experience.

We’re lucky enough to live in a developed country where we have a huge range of food available to us all year round. Supermarkets stock a huge range of items and here in Cambridge we’re also lucky to have international supermarkets and specialists shops. As a result of this, we’re able to cook what we want when we want. However whether on not your eating to lose body fat, increase performance or for general life the vast amount of us have very simple and plain meals.

This leads me to ask myself three questions am I being boring and limiting the enjoyment you can have with a varied diet, why does meat feature so highly in my diet and can my health be improved by just adding more vegetables.

So after a bit of consideration and talking to members about their eating habits I decided to move towards vegetable-focused meals and maybe a small side of meat. This was then followed by only eating fish and finally could I go full vegetarian?

What’s happening

For about two weeks now I have either eaten vegetarian meals or meals with fish. However, I have slipped u a few times, partly because I am a foodie and secondly because at this stage it’s not about denying myself something rather, eating more veg.

Currently, eating more vegetable based meals has been ok and I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who is doing the same and we’ve enjoyed cooking new dishes as well which does make it easier rather than just having a plate of cabbage. I am finding it hard to feel as though I have eaten enough and to be honest I’m also missing having to really chew to the same level as you would do with a meat-based dish.  All of this considered though I’ll carry on eating this way and continue to reduce the amount of fish that I eat to see if I can go completely plant-based and take note of how my body feels as a result of it.

Have a look at your meals.

When was the last time you looked at the amount and the variation of vegetables that you eat? Could you make your meal a little more exciting by making veg the main feature of your meals? Regardless of what you decided to do your body will always thank you for eating more veg, so if you take one actionable point from this post it would be that. Eat your vegetables 🙂

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